Muskoka -
"Once Discovered
  Never Forgotten"


A NOTE TO OUR GUESTS: As the Cottage Owners would like to welcome you to our cottage, and we hope you have an enjoyable vacation. The next few pages include some useful information on the operation of the cottage. As this property is our family cottage, we ask that you respect it as you would your own. In the event of any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just as you have found the place to be clean and well looked after, we ask that you treat it the same way and vacate it in the same manner for the next guests.

Entertaining and having guests is part of cottage life, but because of the septic, water and bed capacity, we ask that you abide by the maximum number of people in occupancy. The maximum number of people permitted in each cottage (including children), unless previously approved in writing by the Owner, is as follows:

Unforgettable Folly & Folly Petite
Happy Hideaway
Rendez-vous @ Rock Inn
Serenity @ Shoreside
Maximum of 10 people
Maximum of 6 people
Maximum of 10 people
Maximum of 8 people

In addition, our neighbours have escaped to their cottage to get away from the hustle, bustle, and noise of city life, and we ask for your consideration in being quiet and private, and to respect the other people in the area. Your thoughtful consideration would be appreciated. Please respect other people's private property and privacy.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS: CALL 911 for Fire, Ambulance and Police
In addition we have the following emergency numbers (911):
  • Police: 1-800-461-4455
  • Fire: 705-526-2366
  • Ambulance: 705-526-5466
  • Public Hospital in Midland: 705-526-3751
  • Hydro (Power Outage Line): 1-800-434-1235
  • Bell Telephone: 310-2355
The Cottage Owner can be contacted through SMR as follows:

South Muskoka Realty Ltd.
20 Bloor Street East, PO Box 75089, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3T3
Cell: 416-464-1393

The cottages are all heated with either electric or propane heat. Please ensure all thermostats are turned down to 5 Degrees when leaving.
Most of the cottages have wood burning fireplaces. Firewood is available for the fireplace. Please ensure the wood-box, including kindling wood, is full when you leave, and the ashes cleaned out.
Camp fires are only permitted in the fire-pit provided. The Ministry of Natural Resources is very concerned about forest fires, so please ensure the fire is put out before going to bed.
Do not leave garbage outside. Country critters (raccoons, skunks, bears, etc.) love garbage, so please don't leave the garbage outside. Garbage bags are provided for your use, and there are garbage containers for disposal. Specific instructions on where to take your garbage is at your cottage. Please ensure you take all your garbage with you to the dump / disposal bins when you leave.
The cottage water comes from a pump in the lake. There is a filter system but you should bring Bottled Drinking Water with you. If the hydro goes off, so does the water pump. If this does happen, don't panic, and as soon as the hydro comes on, so does the water. If any problems occur with the water system, please call Dunlop Plumbing in Coldwater (705) 835-2104 and advise them what Heerdegen cottage on Gloucester Pool you are staying at. Dunlop's provide a prompt and efficient service.
The cottages have a septic system. All septic systems are sensitive. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING down the toilet other than natural waste and toilet paper. No paper towels, Kleenex, tampons, pads, matches, hair, grease, strong chemicals or cigarettes, etc. These items are guaranteed to block the system, and you will not want that. Only flush when necessary.

If the power goes off for an extended period, fill up the toilet tank with water from the lake. But only flush very occasionally otherwise the holding tank will overflow. Do not drive or park on the Septic Bed.

Hydro Electricity and Other Services -- the cottages are all in a rural part of Canada and hydro electricity, phone and other utilities are supplied to the cottage by such Utility Companies. Occasionally, or by an Act of God, such services may be disrupted before or during your vacation. We as the Owners apologize in advance if such disruption occurs during your vacation. They are usually only off for a few hours, but sometimes it may be longer. The property owner cannot be responsible for any losses or damage caused by power outages. No rental discounts or refunds will be provided for power outages. You can contact Hydro One (Power Outage Line): 1-800-434-1235. Please quote the Hydro Account Number and Cottage Addresses which are available in the specific cottages section of the website.
Most of the cottages have air-conditioning. Turn the thermostats to 25 Degrees (no lower). Please ensure all doors & windows remained closed at all times when using the air-conditioning.
In addition to the usual appliances, we have provided, for your ease and comfort, a dishwasher; most cottages also have a washing machine & dryer. Please use these appliances sparingly as they consume large amounts of water that affect the septic system. Please use common sense when doing the dishes and laundry.
Gas Barbecue
This is provided for your use. If the propane tank runs out, please refill it at the Gas Station in Port Severn. Please do not leave the tank empty, and clean the grill after each use. Please turn both BBQ and Tank to "OFF". Please clean BBQ grills when you leave.
All the cottages have a TV and DVD system. We suggest you also bring a few favourite movies with you for the DVD as there are only a few local channels on the TV. There is also a radio/stereo/DVD player in the cottage.
Cell Phone Coverage
There is good cell/mobile coverage in the area.
For High Speed Internet use the Personal Hotspot on your Cell Phone.

Some of the cottages have Satellite WiFi – WiFi Usage will be an extra charge that will be charged back to you at a rate per GB of usage as detailed in your Booking Form.

There are several marinas, public launch facilities etc around the lake. Whites Marina in Whites Bay, Narrows Marina (Shell), and several at Port Severn.
A canoe or kayak is provided at each cottage at no additional charge. Please only use the boats that are assigned to your cottage, even if there are other boats in your boathouse or at your dock. When you have finished using these water toys, please ensure that they are returned to the boat-house or dock, and securely fastened. Ontario Law requires proof of a Boating Licence required for all motorized boats.

If you require a motorized boat (10 hp) or Seadoo we can put you touch with local Boat Rental companies, and you deal direct with them.

To ensure availability, please make your reservations early. Ask them to deliver the boat to the closet marina to your cottage (either Whites Falls Marina or The Narrows.)

Use of any boats & recreational equipment are at your own risk and liability. The Holidaymaker is fully responsible and liable for his actions and any damage caused resulting from such use. All boat occupants must wear an approved life-jacket (Holidaymakers to supply their own); do not over-load any boat or go out in rough weather (use common-sense); Only Approved Boat Operators (with an Ontario Boat Safety Certificate) are permitted by LAW to drive any motorized boat. Children are not permitted to use any boats at anytime unless supervised and accompanied by an adult. Do not use any boats after dark.

Boating accidents are serious; don’t risk your life or someone else’s. BE CAREFUL.

Our cottage community is very inter-dependent. We know everyone and everyone knows us, and we all keep an eye on each other's property. If anyone asks who you are, explain you are guests of the owner. Your due consideration of our place in our cottage community will be appreciated - please no loud noise or parties after 11pm, and please respect the neighbourhood and environment.

Local shopping is at Port Severn (General Store, Liquor/Beer Store, etc); Foodtown Supermarket in Coldwater; Big Chute Marina Railway; Midland area; Wye Marsh Conservation Area; Tennis Courts at Severn Lodge.

Golf: Oak Bay in Port Severn; Bonaire in Coldwater; Brooklea in Midland; Horseshoe Heights & Settlers Ghost at Horseshoe Valley; Hawkridge in Orillia; Rocky Crest, The Rock & Taboo in Muskoka; Horse Riding Stables - off Big Chute Road;

Skiing: Mt St Louis Ski Hills (20 minutes south on #400); Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort (30 minutes south on #400); Collingwood / Blue Mountain (1 hour’s drive).

Restaurants: Rawley Lodge, Inn at Christie's Mill, Severn Lodge; Dam Grill, Grist Café in Coldwater, South Bay Cove Marina, Driftwood Café.

Other Activities: Casino Rama in Orillia, Avalon Spa at Inn at Christies Mill.

Points & Places of Interest: Big Chute Marine Railway, Bala, Port Carling, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Parry Sound, Midland & Penetang, Orillia, Barrie, Wasaga Beach.


OUR PERSONAL ITEMS: As you are aware, this is our family cottage. We have left certain personal items in the cottage that we ask you not to use.

USE OF OUR FOOD SUPPLIES: There may be some food supplies and provisions in the cottage which you may use if you need to, but we ask that you replace any supplies that become depleted during your stay.

PETS: Household pets are welcome, but please keep them on a leash or under your control at all times. Please "stoop and scoop".

CHECK IN TIME: Check In time is Saturday 3:00 PM unless prior agreed in writing.

CHECK OUT TIME: Please adhere to the check out time of Saturday 11:OO AM unless otherwise provided for. We need time to prepare the cottage for the next guests.

NOTES ON INSECTS, LOCAL WILDLIFE etc: Ants, bugs, insects, mice and other creepy-crawlies are all part of cottage country and cottaging. We try our best to keep them under control, but nature sometimes does its own thing. Various pesticides etc are available at the cottage if you get attacked by a monster. However, please use common-sense and remember you are in the country where these things live. To discourage these pests, please endeavour to keep exterior screen doors closed at all times. Lake water conditions including fish nature and plant life are ever changing along with the environment to which we have no control over. Please respect them at all times.

DOGS: You may get a “welcome to the cottage” visit from one of the local dogs. They are very friendly and harmless; however don’t feed them or let them inside the cottage. If they become a nuisance, tell them in a stern voice to “go home”. They are usually obedient!

NO SMOKING: We would greatly appreciate it if you do not smoke inside the cottage. There are ashtrays provided for outside use. Please remove butts and ashes when you leave.

CAR PARKING: Please respect our neighbours property and privacy and do not park your cars / boats etc on their properties. If in doubt, please ask.

We would really appreciate it if people have the courtesy to advise us if they break something or something needs repairing. We thoroughly check the cottages between rentals, but sometimes we will not notice something that has broken or in need of repair. It is frustrating for us and more importantly, very annoying for the next holidaymakers to arrive and find that something does not work. Please show us the courtesy of advising us if something is broken or needs repairing.

If we find something broken, missing or not working after you leave and you have not advised us, a Damage Charge will automatically be levied.

We can arrange for mid-week or mid-vacation cottage cleaning if you require it; the cost will be advised to you in advance and will be payable directly by you to the cleaning staff.
By the time you get to read this section of notes, we hope you are fully relaxed and have had a great vacation at the cottage. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and consideration in leaving the cottage as it was on your arrival.

Departure Time is Saturday 11.00 am unless specifically agreed to in writing. We ask that you have your belongings outside of the cottage by this time.

It is your responsibility to do a basic clean, take your garbage, strip all beds and wash any linens / towels that you may have used.

We have a Housekeeping service that will do a final check of the cottage after your departure, but your assistance in leaving the cottage in a clean & tidy manner will be appreciated.

Cleaning equipment and supplies are provided for your use. If you deplete any of these supplies, please replace them for the next guests.

Please list any items that are broken or need repairing / replacing.
In an effort to make your vacation more enjoyable, we would appreciate receiving your comments (positive & negative) on the cottage and its amenities.